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Houses In The Oldtown of Warsaw

Houses In The Oldtown of Warsaw - by Dora Hathazi Mendes

I made this colorful ecoline painting as a surprise present to my husband, for our 3rd year of wedding anniversary. I usually sign my paintings with my maiden name only Hathazi Dora, but for especially to the occasion, i wrote my complete new name as the signature. 

This time we were living in Warsaw, Poland, and I choose the object to my painting the old houses of Warsaw, because we were totally amazed the beauty and the charm or the old part of the city.

Houses in the Oldtown of Warsaw. Painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes, Karavella Atelier
Houses In The Oldtown of Warsaw by Dora Hathazi Mendes

The Market square , in Polish language Rynek Starego Miasta is located in the centre of Warsaw, the Old Town. The anciente Market Place is dated back to the 13th century, the houses around the square first represented the Gothic style until the great fire of 1607. Then were rebuilt in late renaissance , then in late baroque style, but after in 1939 during the Invasion of Poland, the German Luftwaffe systematically bombed the district down. The buildings of today were reconstructed in the 1950s, with the aim to restore the appearance of the houses in the 17th century, when mainly rich merchant families lived in there. 

My painting is a fraction of the houses of the Barss' Side (Strona Barssa) on the east side of the Market Square , which is one of the most picturesque area of the city with both charming and historical atmosphere.

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